Thinking about taking one of our seminars? Read what others have to say about them. Note that seminars are listed in alphabetical order.

Copy Editing I

Humbling yet informative. I will happily recommend this to others.

Fabulous seminar. Great anecdotes, stories and history.

Copy Editing II

Moira and Beth are engaging, experienced speakers with pertinent information to share.

Well done – hard to pack more into a day than what was covered.

Editing for Non-Editors

Very pleasant. I’m happy I came.

Very good! I would recommend this seminar to others.

Editing Federal Government Reports

I did not know what to expect, but thought it would be more impersonal. The friendliness and desire of Laurel to address an individual concern exceeded my expectations.

Great blend of authority and humility, humour and expertise.

Eight-Step Editing

It struck the right balance between providing information and sharing from personal experience.

Wonderful presentation, very personable.

Electronic Editing


A very enjoyable day – great teacher and people. Very well organized. I would definitely recommend EAC courses to my colleagues.

Fact Checking

 I liked the congenial “informal” style.” It put us at ease.

The instructor made good use of her own experience.

Grammar Boot Camp

I’ve worked in communications for 30+ years and I still learned a great deal today. Please teach more seminars, Frances!

Frances has a dynamic, playful approach.

Practical Proofreading

Very helpful. I appreciated the participatory approach. Great that you are so passionate about proofreading!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and tools.

Secrets of Syntax

I expected brilliance because it’s Frances, and I was not disappointed. Thank you!

There were often little asides and off-topic discussions that I felt really added to the seminar. It meant the seminar addressed the needs and interests of the individuals attending.

Writing and Editing for the Web

Good use of body language and gestures.

Excellent and relevant anecdotes.

Writing Proposals

Great seminar – very glad I attended!

Excellent first experience with an EAC seminar. Thank you.






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