From Script to Screen Holiday Party


November 28, 2018

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to gather for an evening of food, wine, and conversation?

On November 28th, we held our annual holiday party. When we started planning this event in September, we knew we wanted to do something special and memorable for our last gathering of 2018. Director and video editor Matt West helped to make that possible at the Mayfair Theatre—one of Canada’s oldest, surviving, independent movie houses.

Our theme was “From Script to Screen” and our goal—aside from stuffing our faces with delicious nibbles from Epicuria, and enjoying a glass of wine or two—was to learn a little something about a different medium from what most members of Editors Ottawa work in.

After opening remarks and raffle prizes, Matt took to the stage. He has worked on over 800 episodes of lifestyle television and had much to share on directing and editing footage. And he brought a surprise second speaker—writer and producer Kathy McIntyre.

The pair have worked together on various projects for years and recently launched KatMat Media. Together they covered the entire process of bringing a concept to the screen…from early research to final cuts.

Despite the discussions of video editing, some things seemed a bit familiar to the (text) editors in the crowd. For example, anyone who has edited a passage of writing to reduce word count, probably sympathized with Matt’s story about cutting 10 seconds out of a video to meet the proper episode time.

Of course, we also talked about some of the differences between text and video editing. Text often presents alone, unless supported by illustrations or other figures. Television utilizes visuals, dialogue, and music. As Kathy pointed out, action and dialogue should support each other rather than reiterate the same information. All audio and visual elements have to work together to evoke emotions.

The foodies in the audience also enjoyed the stories about cooking on set with chefs like Micheal Bonacini and Spencer Watts. We also had the treat of seeing a few clips of Matt and Kathy’s work. A rousing round of questions followed the presentation and then it was time for more raffle prizes, more food, and more drinks!

We had an attendance of more than 40 and it was truly wonderful to see everyone out especially during this wintery weather. I think it was a delightful way to end our 2018 season and get excited for the new year! A special thanks to those who helped plan the event. Have a happy and safe holiday and we will see you in January!

Emily Stewart, Speakers Night Chair


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