Tay River Retreat


Maurie Barrett, Sara Caverley, Béatrice Verley, Emily Stewart, Sara Fowler, Ariel Vered

 Not unlike the ByWard Bear, the Editors Ottawa–Gatineau executive was transported to a lush woodland setting in Lanark County early this September. Animals ourselves, after all, we covet connection to the living world and many kinds of critters.

Some of us started the weekend camping on the bank of Silver Lake that so wonderfully renewed our weary spirits heading into our retreat on the Tay River.  

We ordinarily meet for an hour every couple of months in downtown Ottawa. This year, we have a largely new team leading the branch, who have created more open space and time for groupwork.

Our retreat surroundings had the full spectrum of nature. The slope of exposed Precambrian rocks hinted they could draw deep breaths, and tangles of forest canopy added to its splendour. A walk down to the Tay River gave us the inner calm we needed to let our inspiration flow.

Here, we found creative solutions to some of our challenges. We learned how to better share our leadership. We found exciting ways to promote our community and serve our members into the future.  We left with a stronger bond, a plan for the new season, and a resolve for more spells in wild places.

Our branch executive is made up of volunteers, so we can dedicate funds to serving our members. We’re looking for co-chairs to help spread the load with our existing executive, as well volunteers to lead one-time projects. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, we would love to hear from you: ottawa-gatineau@editors.ca.

Sara Caverley, Chair




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