Elizabeth Macfie


In a way, proofreaders are like magicians in that they can find errors that other people can’t see. The trick is to realize where document errors commonly hide and, in the Practical Proofreading seminar, participants will watch the 19 places where errors lurk in text and layout. Trained proofreaders also see the errors that escape other eyes because they read in a special way using tools and techniques that focus their attention on everything in the document. This is important because every error that a reader notices erodes their trust in the document and the organization that produced it. And missing or incorrect content can make a document worthless.

Instructor Elizabeth Macfie has 18 years’ experience as a freelance editor, proofreader, and indexer for government departments, university presses, research organizations and authors. She says “the principles and techniques that you’ll learn in this workshop apply to any document or other product you may work on: on paper, on-screen, on a bus board — anything.” To sign up for this January 19, 2016, seminar, go to Registration closes one week prior to the event.



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