Winter 2016 Seminars

Editors Ottawa-Gatineau welcomes the New Year and invites you to peruse the winter offering of six excellent seminars.

Elizabeth Macfie will return to lead Practical Proofreading on January 19. In this seminar, participants will watch the 19 places where errors hide in text and layout. She’ll also show how to read in a special way using tools and techniques that focus their attention on everything in the document. This helps proofreaders to catch the errors that escape other eyes.

Academic Editing is a new offering, and will be taught on February 11 by Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr, an English professor and recent PhD from the University of Ottawa. In addition to her work on several academic books and journals, Ruth has also come on board to chair the Ottawa-Gatineau Branch this year. This half-day seminar is geared to disciplines in the Social Sciences and Humanities and is designed for academics, academics in training, and those who edit them. The course takes you from peer review to proofreading, with a special stop at editing references and bibliographies.

Veteran instructor Graham Young returns on February 26 to teach the popular Electronic Editing course. This seminar will teach participants a variety of electronic editing skills that can save valuable time and simplify work, particularly for those who are not taking advantage of all the editing horsepower that Microsoft Word has to offer.

Moira White and Beth Macfie will again team up to offer Copy Editing II. The March 22 seminar is subtitled Judgement Calls and Added Value, and the content is best expressed by the instructors themselves. “In this seminar, we share with you some of the knowledge, techniques, and tips we have accumulated — through experience and study—as we moved from basic to specialist copy editors. Our hope is that they will help you gain the expertise and experience necessary to make more complicated decisions about and contribute more value to each project.”

Moira will return solo on April 14 to teach Eight-Step Editing. By the end of the day, these eight steps will become your future mantra: Shorten Sentences, Take Out the Trash, Eliminate the Negatives, Deflate Long Words and Phrases, Eliminate the Equations, Activate the Passives, Lead with Strength and Parade your Paragraphs.

Laura Byrne-Paquet’s Fact Checking will close the seminar season on Friday, April 29. In this morning seminar, she will help participants develop this important editing skill that prevents mistakes, avoids loss of money, avoids lawsuits, and establishes client/author credibility.

Don’t delay. To register for one or more seminars from our exciting lineup, go to


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