Meet the Instructor–Marketing for Freelance Editors

Second picture of Adrienne Montgomery

Adrienne Montgomerie is a certified copy editor and an educational editor with more than 130 titles and 18 years under her belt–mostly high school science textbooks and all of the support materials that go with them. She is also an experienced instructor, computer support tech, and course designer. In fact, she has produced handouts, lesson plans, activities, teacher guides, course notes, and worksheets for a staggering range of topics. You will find her in person at Editors Canada’s Kingston twig, or online as scieditor teaching software for editing as well as writing at and her Right Angels and Polo Bears adventures in writing blog.

Marketing for Freelance Editors (Tuesday, November 10) will address the following topics: networking, cold “calling,” guerilla marketing, social media and traditional marketing products and methods. You will leave this half-day seminar with an idea of how to market to your clients, whether they are publishers, businesses, or authors. In your hand will be the beginning of your marketing plan. To sign up, go to Registration closes on November 4, 2015.

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