Staying organized, swapping books by Tom Vradenburg

 Some are born organized; the rest of us have to adopt or invent tools and tricks to get there and stay there.

If whole stores can be devoted to this vital art, so too can a speaker night.

Program chair Tom Vradenburg will lead this month’s program, but the floor will also be open to others wishing to show and tell how they keep entropy at bay.

Tom will show’n’tell file-naming conventions that have saved time and sanity for two teams he has managed: a book project and an all-purpose communications shop.

This month, he’s working on a major reorganization of a thousand-page intranet site, and has chosen as his go-to tool…Microsoft Excel.

Everyone is invited to bring along or explain their favourite tools and tricks. Anyone for OneNote?

If you come out on Wednesday, do bring a reference book or two you can live without that someone else might find helpful, and swap it for something new-to-you.

When: Wednesday, October 21, 6:30 pm

Where: Good Companions Seniors Centre, 670 Albert Street (at Empress)

Free for members, $10 for non-members

Parking: Construction crews are continuing to work on water mains at the corner of Albert Street and Empress Avenue, and will be starting to work directly on Empress Avenue in coming weeks, forcing the closure of that street. However, the parking lot, just off Empress and behind the Centre, will still be accessible.

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