Publishing to “shift the narrative” by Tom Vradenburg

They founded a publishing house on idealistic principles to help those in need. But what’s remarkable about the three Somali-Canadian sisters behind Qurtuba Publishing House is their ability to understand their market niche and what it desperately wants to know about.

Ilhan, Hodan and Ayan Ibrahim, are children of the Somali diaspora of the 1990s, all in their twenties. They face the challenges of Muslims everywhere, in particular Muslims living in Western countries.

“All over the globe, Muslims are suffering from social polarization, economic decline, and political turmoil. Mainstream media has immensely contributed to the negative portrayal of Muslims, creating a narrative that is neither factual nor representative of the global Muslim community. It is becoming exceedingly difficult for Muslims to reconcile what Islam teaches and the dynamic context of our world today. We felt that we had a social and religious obligation to counter these growing challenges,” said Ilhan Ibrahim in a recent blog post.

While the Internet offers plenty of resources for Muslims, the Ibrahims saw a lack of insightful, practical information to help Muslims find their way through very real everyday difficulties—conflicts with immigrant parents, eating healthy and halaal, fitness for Muslim women and entrepreneurship from a Muslim perspective.

Meet the Ibrahim sisters and hear about their ambitious publishing venture.

When: Wednesday, September 16, 6:30 pm
Where: Good Companions Seniors Centre, 670 Albert Street (at Empress)
Free for members, $10 for non-members

Please be advised that construction crews are continuing to work on water mains at the corner of Albert St & Empress Ave, and will be starting to work directly on Empress Avenue in coming weeks, forcing the closure of that street. Access to the Good Companions Centre will never be denied so please be patient and obey flaggers and/or Ottawa Police Service personnel, who will be directing traffic around the construction site.

One thought on “Publishing to “shift the narrative” by Tom Vradenburg

  1. Hi…just a note to say that I believe the above date for this event should read Wed, September 16 (not 19). Just wanted to point that out to avoid any confusion 🙂

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