Time for a name change by Tom Vradenburg, EAC NCR Past Chair

In case you missed our last meeting of the season, the branch is considering a name change.

What first motivated us that our web pages advertising our seminars do not get picked up by Internet search engines. In the process of analyzing our competition in the seminar market, we discovered that having “National Capital Region” as our branch name makes for poor ‘search engine optimization’. We tried multiple search terms: in many cases, the EAC national website scored higher on search lists.

We are struggling with growing seminar competition from training companies. Not being found in online searches is a liability we should be able to address.

The new national branding creates a timely window of opportunity for a name change for this branch. This normally would not be a high-priority item, but we would like to catch the rebranding train too.

Changing our national organization’s branding—its everyday self-identification, as opposed to the name in its constitution or incorporation papers—is also partly motivated by search considerations. We have long had “editors.ca” as a domain name for the national website and for EAC’s webmail service. So, the move to Editors Canada national branding—with the new logo, typeface and colours—is being done, in part, for similar reasons.

Our other reason, less pressing, is that “NCR” is an abbreviation that is understood only, and not universally, ‘inside the Queensway’. Our members do not live in a true federal district, like the District of Columbia, but mainly in two cities, Ottawa and Gatineau. Some Eastern Ontario members, closer to Kingston, rightfully gravitate to the Kingston twig.

This post is the start of a short process to discuss whether we need to change, and what exactly the new name should be. After the two-week window, a vote will be held on the candidates proposed.

I encourage you to comment here on the blog, where others can see and debate your opinions: click Leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and enter your comment in the text box. You may also email comments to tomv@bell.net.

I would like to wind up the discussion by midnight, Friday, June 12. Thanks for your continued support of EAC in Ottawa.

15 thoughts on “Time for a name change by Tom Vradenburg, EAC NCR Past Chair

  1. Thank you for relaying the rationale for a name change.
    Assuming other EAC branches named after various cities don’t have SEO problems related to their monikers, “Ottawa-Gatineau” would seem a straightforward choice.

  2. I agree that a name change is a good idea for all the reasons you outlined in your blog. And Ottawa-Gatineau would be a good choice. Another name that could be considered is Eastern Ontario-Western Quebec. I know it’s long, but perhaps it would help our organization to attract more members and seminar participants from across our region.

  3. I agree with the idea of a name change, as “National Capital Region” seems to be not as much in use even within the area, and is not well known outside it. As to the new name, Editors Ottawa-Gatineau sounds OK to me, although I note that there is also a Quebec-Atlantic Canada branch — would this overlap in coverage of Gatineau, or cause confusion?

  4. I completely agree with the name change. Editors Ottawa-Gatineau sounds fine to me.

  5. The problem with using a name like Editors Ottawa or Editors Ottawa-Gatineau is that it might look like a different organization from Editors Canada (EAC). We want to be credited for being part of the larger group. Maybe something like Editors Canada–Ottawa or Editors Canada–Ottawa-Gatineau?

    We also should probably check to make sure this renaming will not conflict with the EAC rebranding.

  6. I totally get the need for this rebranding for SEO purposes, and maybe for clarity with the non-editor communities. Editors Canada–Ottawa/Gatineau works for me, or some similar variant!

  7. I also agree that for SEO purposes and name change is a good idea. I saw Editors Canada–Ottawa/Gatineau above and also think that those are four terms that SEOs will pick up on.

    – Tanis Stoliar

  8. It seems to me there are at least two good reasons for the name change. One, Web search engines will find us more readily. It would help our profile, get more attention for the programs we hold in the region. People just don’t google National Capital Region. Two, maybe even more significantly, Ottawa-Gatineau or some variation keeps the spirit of the NCR name, namely to represent that we are from both Ontario and Quebec, a distinction that many outside the region don’t get. It’s inclusive.

  9. Ottawa-Gatineau is really the only logical choice. We can’t drop “Gatineau” because we have members there and it signals that we have French editors among us. We can’t use Eastern Ontario because there is also a Kingston twig. We can’t use Western Quebec because there is already a Quebec-Atlantic Canada branch. I live in Embrun, which is in Prescott-Russell, and am completely unbothered by the Ottawa-Gatineau name because no one in the rest of Canada has a clue where Embrun is, but they do, if they are smart enough to hire an editor, know where Ottawa is.

    We don’t have to worry about re-branding issues, as Anne Louise and I are on the re-branding task force and will take care of that. We also don’t need to put Editors Canada into our branch name. The branch name is just for the branch, so it would be the Ottawa-Gatineau branch of Editors Canada.

  10. I agree with the name change: Editors Ottawa or Editors Ottawa-Gatineau. If we think strictly about how to be found online, as a primary way of marketing and discoverability, then it would be smart to link the word “editors” to a major city “ottawa.”

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