May’s meeting: serious stuff—elections and a name change— then fun stuff By Tom Vradenburg, EAC–NCR Chair

Naming or re-naming organizations, companies and products is always a fraught process. The name has to be spellable and pronounceable: it should sound positive, and even describe the activities of the organization. Today, the advent of search engines, and the need to be ‘found’ by them, adds another variable to consider.

Changing our national organization’s branding—its everyday self-identification, as opposed to the name in its constitution or incorporation papers—is partly motivated by search considerations. We have long had “” as a domain name for the national website and for EAC’s webmail service. So, the move to Editors Canada branding—with the new logo, typeface and colours—can be seen as part of the same trend.

The new national branding has also encouraged NCR’s executive to propose a name change for this branch. This normally would not be a high-priority item, but we would like to catch that rebranding train too.

What motivated us to head to the station was ‘search engine optimization’. In the process of analyzing our competition in the seminar market, we discovered that having “National Capital Region” as our branch name has been impeding recognition of our seminar pages by Google and other search engines. Depending on the search terms tried, the EAC national website scores higher on searches, even when “Ottawa” is included in the terms.

We are struggling with growing seminar competition from training companies. Not being found in online searches is a liability we should be able to address.

Our other reason, less pressing, for a name change is that “NCR” is an abbreviation that is understood only, and not universally, ‘inside the Beltway’. Our members do not live in a true federal district, like the District of Columbia, but mainly in two cities, Ottawa and Gatineau. Some Eastern Ontario members, closer to Kingston, rightfully gravitate to the Kingston twig.

I hope this explains why the branch executive would like to do this, and why it is suddenly urgent.

Seeking new executive members

Election of executive members for 2015–2016 is also on the slate for May’s meeting. Several positions are in play at this point:

  • membership chair
  • seminar co-chair
  • marketing chair
  • speaker nights co-chair
  • vice-chair.

Please consider volunteering for one of these: to learn more about what each position involves, and which is the best fit for you, written job descriptions are available for each position: feel free to email me. I can attest that the executive is a collegial, supportive and efficient  group.

Then, the fun stuff

The lighter, latter portion of May’s meeting involves games, similar to the format of previous May ‘game nights’. Expect a combination of group activity and individual trivia and logic questions. The competition may be keen, but these games will be much more civil than the hockey playoffs. Details to follow!

When: Wednesday, May 20, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Capital Hill Hotel & Suites, 88 Albert Street, Laurier Room
Free for members, $10 for non-members
Pre-registration is not required for this event.

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