Three reasons to attend Editing Goes Global

The Editors’ Association of Canada’s annual conference is going big this year. In fact, it’s going global.

The association is hosting the world’s first international editing conference. There are lots of reasons to attend. Here are just three: learning, international networking, and fun.


What better people to learn from than these two stars.

The conference will feature other speakers from Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

The schedule is already available to help you decide what sessions you want to go to.

International networking

At the conference, you can see old friends and meet new ones.

You can meet many of the people you follow online, in blogs and on other social media. That includes Iva Cheung, James Harbeck, Joseph Kimble, John McIntyre, Adrienne Montgomerie, Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, and Cheryl Stephens.

In addition to seeing old friends from the Canadian association, you’ll get to meet many of the out-of-country editors you interact with on Facebook and Twitter.

The idea is to hold the international conference every few years, moving it around the globe. So it won’t be back in Canada for a while. You may never have access to a better networking or learning opportunity than this.


There will be lots of fun things going on at and around the conference. Planned activities include a tea tour, a scavenger hunt, a Friday night reception, and a Saturday banquet.

To see why others are going, visit the conference’s testimonial page. Early bird registration ends on February 28, with two other levels of payment available.

Follow the conference online

@EditorCon + #editors15

@congresdelacr + #Réviseurs15


Gael Spivak

Director of training and development / Directeur du perfectionnement professionnel

Editors’ Association of Canada / Association canadienne des réviseurs

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