Elizabeth Macfie

Elizabeth Macfie has 18 years’ experience as a freelance editor, proofreader, and indexer for government departments, university presses, research organizations, and authors. She is an EAC-certified copy editor, stylistic editor and proofreader, and she is a past chair of EAC’s National Capital Region branch. Elizabeth presents popular seminars and conference talks on editing, proofreading, and business networking.

In her upcoming workshop, Editing for Non-Editors: Find and Fix the Most Common Errors in Documents, you’ll learn to

  • organize your work according to the four levels of editing
  • target a text to its audience (content, tone, and length)
  • find and fix the most common errors in grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, and layout
  • find answers and back up your decisions using reference sources and dictionaries
  • apply plain-language principles, and check language level using online tools
  • shorten texts
  • work efficiently using an editorial process, version control, style sheets, and checklists
  • use consistency-checking software and Word’s editorial tools
  • focus on all aspects of a product while proofreading

You’ll get hands-on practice with electronic files and hard copy, have an opportunity to ask decision-making and process questions, and find out where to learn more.  Bring questions and situations from your workplace to discuss with your trainer—and the other participants. You’ll leave with a detailed handbook on the workshop content.

When: February 18, 2015

Where: Capital Hill Hotel, 88 Albert St., Ottawa

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