Message from the Chair – You’re thinking about your garden: I’m planning EAC NCR’s garden

Although you’re checking email, you’d probably rather be outside, where email can’t reach you. But I need to interrupt your reverie for a moment: your Editors’ Association branch needs your help.

As chair of the National Capital Region Branch of EAC, I am searching for a few good new volunteers for specific executive positions for next season. Fortunately, we have a good nucleus of an executive team who will return in September.

However, I am stepping aside as chair, and I could use some help with membership and marketing. The branch should also have a treasurer.

The membership co-chair position is visible, but straightforward: the membership chair greets guests at every meeting, and does other behind-the-scenes work to enhance the total membership experience.

The marketing chair position would offer the greatest scope for someone with energy and marketing training and experience. The branch sends out a steady stream of messaging and advertising, but needs to reach out to new segments, such as other communications professionals and some occupations outside publishing and communications.

Although I am stepping aside as chair, I hope to remain on the executive as speaker nights chair, developing programming for our monthly meetings. By default, I would also be past chair, ready and able to support a new chair.

Our ideal chair would be a strategic thinker, with some experience in EAC or another volunteer-run association. Someone to lead the branch forward, inject a little dynamism. There are a few routine tasks: reviewing membership and seminars reports, filing quarterly reports with the EAC national office, and overseeing branch operations. These are not onerous for a well-organized person.

We also have two returning seminars people. Seminars are a crucial part of our work, and a third person working on that portfolio would be helpful.

What do these positions involve?

You do need to attend monthly executive meetings, held a couple of hours ahead of the membership meeting. Of course, you can stay for the speaker! Here’s what else you get.

  • You get to put EAC–NCR branch executive member on your CV, website, EAC’s website, the NCR branch blog, the EAC Online Directory of Editors listing, together with an email address. And that can boost your credibility, which can help you get work.
  • You get to network with colleagues, speakers and seminar presenters. And that can help you get work.
  • You get to learn about organizing professional development seminars and speaker nights. And that in itself is professional development.
  • You get greater input into which seminars our branch will offer and get to create new opportunities for our members. And that’s professional development for you.
  • You get greater input into what our branch offers and how it’s run.
  • You get to meet lots of nice people. And that helps make you feel like you’re part of something bigger—your profession.

Please consider this opportunity seriously, or suggest it to others. Thank you in advance for your time. Feel free to contact me at this email address, or by phone (see signature).

Here are brief job descriptions for each of the positions.

Branch chair (must be a voting member)

  •  manages branch executive meetings
  •  speaks on behalf of the branch
  •  helps manage branch volunteers
  • acts as liaison between the branch and the executive director

Marketing chair

  • recommends and manages strategies to publicizes EAC–NCR
  • develops and implements PR marketing campaigns, including social media campaigns
  • researches media to publicize speaker nights, membership and seminars
  • liaises with related communication organizations and associations to exchange information

Treasurer (must be a voting member)

  •  acts as liaison between the executive director, the executive and the membership
  •  reviews financial statements
  • reports to the executive and to the membership 

Membership co-chair

  • manages reception table and welcomes attendees to speaker nights
  • oversees branch orientation segment of each speaker night
  • recommends and manages activities to help members network with one another
  • leads recruitment activities for new members
  • reviews and approves voting membership applications from EAC–NCR members

Seminars co-chair/committee member

  • in concert with the Executive Director, recommends seminar topics
  • collates evaluation forms completed by seminar participants
  • finds and books seminar leaders

Got questions? Contact Tom.

Tom Vradenburg

Chair, National Capital Region Branch

Editors’ Association of Canada



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