Tagging with Latex (Adam Hollett, TWR Class of 2014)

LATEX is a typesetting language that is similar to HTML. LaTeX was created by Leslie Lamport in the 1980s  and is based on the TEX system of formatting documents. LATEX is widely used in academia, especially mathematics, due to its very extensive syntaxes for formatting mathematical formulas. Markup in LATEX consists of regular text that is `marked up’ by applying tags to it. A tag is begun by a single backslash, followed by the name of the tag, followed by the text to be marked up, which is contained within curly braces.

With LATEX, you get the same document with the same code every time. Writing documents in code is incredibly precise. Rather than simply typing a quotation mark, you must specify whether is is a `left-curving’ or a `right-curving’ quote. When you want to print a dash, you must specify in the code whether it is a hyphen (-), an en dash ({), or an em dash (|).  LATEX also adds pretty text formatting, including things like ligatures.  LATEX has a default document format, but any aspect of the format can be altered by including `packages’ at the beginning of your document. These can have unlimited effects including changing the size of captions, altering margins, increasing line spacing, or changing the typeface. The
default typeface of LATEX is called Computer Modern and it is generally only available within the LATEX environment.

Annual wine & cheese on Wed. Nov. 20

November is a strange month where the clocks fall back an hour and mustachioed men appear on every street corner in support of Movember. Dreaming of sunnier times? We’ve got the cure! Embrace (or brace yourself for) the crisp weather and enjoy the special events taking place in our nation’s capital, like our annual Wine and Cheese! What better way to kick off the chilly season than with a glass of wine, tasty food and fantastic company?

We’ll be gathering for an evening of eating, drinking and merriment to celebrate and catch up before we part for the holiday break. Let us host as you explore new flavours and chat with peers. Sharpen your trivia skills for a chance at winning a prize or play a classic game with fellow wordsmiths. This is our last event of 2013, so don’t miss this great opportunity to say “cheers” until January! Did we mention there’s wine?

Time: 7:30pm

Place: Capital Hill Hotel & Suites, 88 Albert St.

Cost: $10 for EAC members and non-members

RSVP by November 15 to ncr@editors.ca