Editing Social Media: EAC NCR’s April 17 Speaker Night

Join fellow editors at the next NCR Branch Speaker Night on Wednesday, April 17.

Editing social media

with Allison Whalen and Ryan O’Connor

“Who is looking for social media editors, and what exactly do they expect? It seems technically overwhelming.”

“Why should I care about having an online presence, or about anyone else’s? I’ve been editing plain old text for years.”

Social Media pushes the role of editor into an interdisciplinary dimension, where we use multiple forms of media – some of them combinations of several media formats on one platform – to communicate. Our job is to improve communication to its fullest potential, adapted to reach any one of a million, unique niches that represent today’s audiences. Easy, right? J

Allison Whalen, EAC-NCR’s new speaker night chair, will show how we can use social media to advertise ourselves, learn about others—companies of interest, other professionals and other resources—and to boost our creative communications skills. She will present a mock social media user page with all the newest components that editors should know about.

Ryan O’Connor is an international communications pro at the University of Ottawa who specializes in information technology and social media functionality. He’ll provide an engaging brief on the best social media and multimedia tools for editors. He will also look at the future of social media communications.

Date: Wednesday, April 17
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Place: Capital Hill Hotel & Suites, 88 Albert St.
Cost: Free for EAC members; $10 for non-members

Preregistration is not required for this event.

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