Bookkeeping Basics and Tax Tips – January 16 Speaker’s Night

Want some tips to save yourself time, money, and peace of mind? Come to this month’s speaker’s night!

Sandy Tunwell, owner/managing consultant of accountrain, started in 1993, is the January guest speaker. Her vision was to provide accounting services while simplifying the client/accountant relationship. She is proud to have achieved this and continues to maintain this unique approach when dealing with clients.

Why should you focus on more than just the bottom line?

The presentation will include:

·       bookkeeping hints, tips, and shortcuts;

·       the most popular questions asked, with focus on expenses; and

·       keeping taxes simple: breaking it down into five easy steps.

Most business decisions are based on figures, therefore, they should be accurate and current.

Testimonial re one hour with Sandy – “I don’t think I learned as much about accounting in such a short time.” Michael J. Hughes, of Networking for Results

Date: Wednesday, January 16
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Place: Capital Hill Hotel & Suites, 88 Albert St., Mackenzie Room
Cost: Free for EAC members; $10 for non-members

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