Speaker’s Night Report: How to Edit a Speech

By Jennifer Czerneda

Wendy Cherwinski’s presentation on “How to Edit a Speech” on October 17th at the NCR Branch Speaker Night was excellently delivered and full of great advice for editing speeches.

The presentation covered five topics:

1. AUDIENCE: key tips on how to keep an audience engaged

2. STRUCTURE: how to develop a flow that will keep the speaker and audience on track

3. LANGUAGE: some “do’s and don’ts” for speech editing

4. SET-UP: key ways a speech writer or editor can set a speaker up for success

5. TOOLS: if you’re looking for additional information, Wendy has an e-newsletter (“Pen and Podium”) and a video tutorial (“Write the Way People Talk”). Please visit www.echeloncomm.ca/ for details.

During her final comments, Wendy reminded us that there is no such thing as a speech that isn’t long enough. And while I know that is sound advice, I couldn’t help wishing that she would keep going!

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